"Sampler" topics and presenters scheduled for the next months are listed below. 

Due to COVID-19, the Samplers will be available on Zoom to ILR members only. If you have enjoyed attending Sampler lectures in the past, and have not been a member of the ILR, we hope you will join now, which will ensure that you get the publicity and invitations to the fall season of Samplers. All samplers are on Thursdays at 2:00 pm.

SCOVILR Samplers Schedule for Winter 2021

Jan. 7: “Pangolins, PANDEMICS and Panoplies", Dr. Tom McDonald

Jan. 14: "The Future of the Santa Catalinas After the Bighorn Fire", Dr. Donald A. Falk & Dr. Jim Malusa

Jan. 21: “Behind the Scene of the Arizona Daily Star”,  Ms. Sarah Gassen

Jan. 28: "OSIRIS-RExx The Asteroid Sample Returned to Earth",  Ms. Brenda Huettner

Feb 4:  "6 January 2021 - A Day That Will Live in Infamy”, General Donald W. Shepperd

Feb. 11: "Lives of Some of the Lesser-Known First Ladies", Ms. Joan Elder 

Feb. 18: "Observations on the Marvelous Resilience of Bone and Resilience Engineering",  Dr. Richard I. Cook

Feb. 25: "If I Fell for You: Medications and Fall Risk in Older Adults",  Dr. Ashley Campbell


Zoom Instructions for ILR Samplers

What are Samplers, You Ask?

The original vision of an SCOV organization to provide educational courses in 2003 almost immediately expanded to also offer free, no-registration required, weekly presentations that varied in both topic and presenter. (And until now, open to any resident). These presentations would provide a “sample” of what the courses were like, as well as, like a “sampler” box of chocolates, a variety of topics and speakers. In addition, people contemplating if they wanted to offer a course, could try it out in a shorter format. And so it has been for 17 years. COVID-19 has forced us to limit the availability of Samplers to ILR members so we have an email list for invitations to Zoom presentations. But the quality and variety of Samplers continues unabated ... please join us at these mind-expanding, thought-provoking and just plain interesting one-hour Samplers.